A Brief Guide On The Different Ways You Can Stop Smoking

One of the most difficult things that anyone can do is try to quit smoking. There are various methods that you can attempt this from gum chewing to nicotine patches; however, the idea of going ‘cold turkey’ is not generally something that appeals to the majority of people. In today’s society one of the most appealing alternatives is to stop smoking without actually stopping is to begin ‘smoking’ the electronic cigarette.

Using nicotine gum and patches

When you attempt to quit smoking the first methods people usually opt for nicotine gum and nicotine
patches. These options will work as a means of giving you the nicotine that you were getting from the cigarette without suffering the harmful effects of smoke and experiencing the build-up of tar, which is what can be found when smoking cigarettes. The problem that a lot of people have with these methods is the nicotine does not enter the body in the same way as it does when smoking cigarettes, so you do not feel the same relief that you get with a cigarette.

There are various other methods that have been introduced onto the market in the past few years, such as the nicotine mouth spray. These methods state that they release the nicotine into the body faster than other methods and last longer.

Quitting without stopping

The electronic cigarette offers a different take on the stop smoking gambit. These devices look at allowing the person to continue with the motions of smoking while getting the nicotine they need
without many of the harmful side-effects. There are a lot of people who are sceptical about how well this works for stopping. The majority of electronic cigarette companies will state that this is not a fool-proof method to stop smoking, but there are many people who have quite through the use of these devices.

The motions of smoking are as hard to give up as the nicotine you are getting. Electronic cigarettes offer you a way to lower your smoking while going through the motions. You are not going to be inhaling smoke, but rather a nicotine vapor which is better for your body and for the environment. The nicotine vapor is produced within the electronic cigarette by a heating coil and the liquid found in the cartridge.

How to quit smoking

Many people who have quit smoking via the use of an electronic cigarette have done so with the different flavored vapors available. Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes offer you a number of flavors from tobacco to cherry and much more. When you use these flavors you are replacing the sensory memory of the tobacco smoke with the new flavored vapor.

Of course, when you begin using electronic cigarettes you will experience a craving for the traditional cigarette. This is why many people recommend not switching completely at first. When you begin using the device you should substitute it for the normal cigarette as often as possible. After a while you will find yourself reaching for the electronic cigarette more than the traditional one. There will be times when you have a craving for a normal cigarette; however, as you continue using the electronic cigarette you will find these cravings decrease until you do not feel them at all. If you are a heavy smoker or you smoke very strong cigarettes then you do not have to worry because there are a number of different nicotine strengths with the electronic cigarette. These devices should be able to help most people stop or at least cut back on their smoking.